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Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly – How To Fix It

Some of our readers complained that their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphones sometimes turn off without reason. The malfunction manifests randomly and devices either turn off or restart, which is not normal at all. That’s why, in this article, we will offer you three solutions to implement if you’re going through the same situation.


Solution #1 – Perform a factory reset

Factory reset implies erasing all the data and the settings you had on your smartphone from the moment you configured it until now. It will make it look brand-new, which means you will have to start all over again with the configuration and to install the backup that you, hopefully, created before performing the factory reset on a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.

But this factory reset is one way to proceed if your smartphone keeps turning off our restarting without reason. In case you’re dealing with the same problem even after this reset, try the following solutions.


Solution #2 – Clear the cache memory

The next thing you should do after the factory reset, even before you test the device long enough to see if the erratic behavior continues, is to wipe the cache. You can learn how to clear the cache on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus from here.

The point is that you have to simultaneously press and hold three buttons: Power, Home and Volume Up. When you see the blue text Recovery Mode written at the top of the Samsung Logo on your smartphone’s display, you release the buttons and use the Volume Down button to highlight the Wipe Cache Partition menu. With the Volume Down and the Power buttons, you select it and then wait for the device to perform this task.

When it finishes clearing the cache, reboot the device by using the Volume Down and the Power buttons and see if it still turns off or restarts.


Solution #3 – Check the warranty

When nothing worked, it’s clearly out of your power so you’d better take out the manufacturer’s warranty from the drawer. If the device is still under warranty, send it to an authorized service. The problem could be more serious than you thought and, who knows, maybe they decide that the only solution is to change it for a new one…


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