Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Deletes Text Messages Automatically – Resolved

Happy to know that you can transfer your SMS history, from the old phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S9? That’s a great thing, of course, and you should definitely take advantage of it, if that’s what you want. But don’t ignore one important aspect because, otherwise, you might end up crying for your messages that have mysteriously vanished from the phone:


The Samsung Galaxy S9 will delete old messages automatically once it has more than 1000 SMS entries stored!


This doesn’t mean you’ll have to constantly check how many messages you have and decide which ones to manually delete in order to save some older, important text messages. It just means you need to deactivate the option responsible for this automatic cleanup.


How To Fix “Galaxy S9 Deletes Text Messages Automatically” Problem…

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Access the Settings;
  3. Stop by the Applications tab;
  4. Select Messages;
  5. Select More Settings;
  6. Find the option “Delete old messages”;
  7. Select it and change its status from On to Off.


Now you can leave the settings and stop worrying. By disabling the “Delete old messages” option you have made sure that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will no longer delete your messages even when you have more than 1000. Keep up texting with your friends and relatives and making the best of the Galaxy experience!

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