Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Gets Random Picture Messages – Fixed

Getting random picture messages on Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus? Some would call it a minor problem, but just because they aren’t the ones dealing with it. As far as we are concerned, if it brings you even the tiniest upset, you have to fix it. After all, it’s a fixable issue, without a doubt. The solutions that we are about to share with you can be divided into two categories:

  1. When your phone is the problem;
  2. When the sender’s phone is the problem.


The good news is that, if your phone is the cause of getting these repeated, random picture messages, you’re in control. You can either:

  • Clear the cache and the data of the Messages app;
  • Or reset the Samsung Galaxy S9.


When you’ve tried both yet nothing changed, it only makes sense to approach the sender. Maybe that person isn’t even aware of this problem but once you share your thoughts on it, you’ll find some understanding for reaching to a solution. You don’t want to get to an extreme measure, but if you’ll have no other choice…Until then, however, let us detail the more manageable things.


How To Fix Galaxy S9 Gets Random Picture Messages By Clearing The Data

  1. Tap the Apps icon located on the Home Screen;
  2. Tap on Settings;
  3. Tap on Applications;
  4. Next, go to the Application Manager;
  5. Swipe to access the tab “All”;
  6. From that list of apps, identify and select Messages;
  7. Hit the Force Close button;
  8. Select the Storage tab;
  9. Select Clear cache;
  10. Select Delete;
  11. Select Clear data;
  12. Select Delete one more time.


These steps are the steps for clearing the cache and data of the Messages app. You started from the assumption that the issue is with Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus and with your Messages app. Most likely, it’s a third-party Messages app because the stock app from Samsung won’t give you such problems. But now that you’ve wiped the cache and all the data yet you’re still getting those random picture messages from the same user…


How To Fix Galaxy S9 Gets Random Picture Messages By Resetting The Phone

  1. Back up your data;
  2. Return to the Home Screen;
  3. Select the Apps icon once again;
  4. This time access the Settings center;
  5. Tap Backup & Reset;
  6. Use the Factory data reset option and select Reset;
  7. Use your password or PIN if you’re asked to do so;
  8. Hit the Continue button;
  9. Hit the Delete All option and confirm.


It goes without saying that if you’re getting these random picture messages even after you’ve brought the device to its factory settings, the problem is with your sender, not with the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. You can choose to believe so or even take it to an authorized service for further inspections. Otherwise, blacklisting that number, even if it means you won’t be able to get in touch with the person, is the extreme solution we were suggesting above.

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