Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: How Much RAM Memory Is Free

Have you ever wanted to know how much RAM Memory is free on Samsung Galaxy S9? Knowing how much RAM memory is still free on your Samsung Galaxy S9 can help in many different ways. For starters, it could give you some solid clues as to why your smartphone is moving that slow and why you’re sometimes seeing apps freezing and crashing. Now, if your phone is operating on the Android Nougat software version, you’re lucky enough to benefit from a self-regulating RAM management system.


In other words, the device itself will monitor the RAM usage and adjust it to the optimal level. You can choose to believe all that or simply satisfy your curiosity by manually checking the RAM. For doing the latter, you will have to:

  1. Go to the App Drawer from the Home Screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus;
  2. Open up the Settings app, from the icon listed in there;
  3. Navigate to the Device Maintenance section;
  4. Select the RAM option from the bottom of the toolbar that you’ll be gaining access to;
  5. Wait for the phone to display your RAM data.


As long as you can confirm that the phone is having a RAM full to a maximum of 3/4 from the total capacity, there’s nothing to worry about. In the almost unlikely event that things aren’t going that way, you can interfere and regulate things with the Clean Up option. All these being said and done, you can personally check how much RAM memory is free on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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