Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Update Offline Maps Automatically

Many Galaxy S9 users aren’t quite excited about the opportunity of downloading and using the Google Maps for the obvious reason of mobile data traffic economy. If your mobile data plan is limited too, worrying that this useful app might gulp your entire month’s worth of mobile traffic in one afternoon is understandable.

But how about if you learn how to access these maps in the offline mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus?

That’s right, the “offline” use implies that you won’t have to use your Internet data while doing so. Three things you have to consider when updating offline maps on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus:

  1. These online maps that you download will take some storage space on the device;
  2. In order to be able to truly rely on them, these maps will have to be updated from time to time;
  3. As a protection measure, your phone will automatically delete any offline map that hasn’t been updated in the last 30 days.


From where we stand, the automatic removal of these maps is the most concerning issue. For this purpose, we’re going to show you how to avoid it, without having to manually update these offline maps. What we’re basically implying is that you have maps automatically update on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus…


To Make Galaxy S9 Offline Maps Update Automatically…

  1. Go to the Apps menu;
  2. Launch the Google Maps app;
  3. Access the app settings, from the top-left menu icon;
  4. Select Settings and next, select Offline Maps;
  5. Look for the following two options:
  6. Update offline maps automatically
  7. Download offline maps automatically
  8. Turn both of them On;
  9. Switch the download settings to the option labeled as Only via Wi-Fi;
  10. Leave the settings afterward.


From now on, whenever the Samsung Galaxy S9 will get a reliable Wi-Fi connection, it will proceed to update your Google Maps offline maps.

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