Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Where Is Car Mode?

The Vehicle mode is an excellent operation function of Android gadgets, intended to assist users to reach their devices stress-free and secure while driving. This feature is installed on every Samsung model. However, in case you have searched for the Car Mode on Galaxy S9 & could not locate it, that does not imply you will not make use of the mode.

Car Mode on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus does not have the automobile feature installed. Nonetheless, you may at all times manually set it up from a trustworthy source, and that is your device’s app store.


Below are the easy guidelines for finding and setting up Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Car Mode:

  1. Start the App store on your Galaxy
  2. on the top Search box
  3. Write Car mode, then begin the search
  4. Choose the result named vehicle feature, for Galaxy
  5. Click the setup button then standby for device to download & install automatically
  6. Exit the store then return to the application menu
  7. Start the application from there at any time you want it.


Just as you undoubtedly are aware, certain cars, which have an onboard screen, can use the standard options of the Galaxy S9 & open them via that screen as you drive.

The only thing you can do is making use of the Reflector link function of the vehicle mode application and have fun with the quick commands in a yet more reachable method.


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