Galaxy S9 Manage Text Messages On Sim Card

In this world where storage options are getting bigger and bigger, the Cloud has long taken the face of the traditional storage. And since you can back up the content of your Samsung Galaxy S9 in so many different ways, text messages don’t get stored on the SIM card too often. Thus, it’s a good idea to manage text messages on SIM card of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Nevertheless, if you like the old-fashioned method of having all your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus text messages on SIM, so you can instantly transfer them to any other device the moment you transfer your SIM card… Let’s just say we’re here to help you with that one too!


Coming up next, you’ll see the simple steps required for configuring your Messages app on its storage options:

  1. Go to Applications, within the Settings section;
  2. Select the Messages app listed in there;
  3. Next, select Further settings;
  4. Tap on Text Messages;
  5. Finally, tap on the option labeled as “Manage messages on SIM card”.


At this point, you will see a list with all the text messages that have been stored on the SIM, together with all the options you can use: to read, to copy or to simply delete them, into or from the phone memory. If you follow these steps on any device, Samsung Galaxy S9 or anything else, you will be able to see what messages you have on the SIM and transfer them to the phone’s memory.

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