Galaxy S9: Number 1 Symbol Attached At Setting Symbol

When you see the number 1 symbol popping up next to the Settings gear icon, in the notification shade of the Samsung Galaxy S9… What do you think? You’re probably just as intrigued as you can, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a number or other sign – it wasn’t there before, you don’t know what made it show up, and you clearly don’t know what you’re supposed to do about it, right?


To kill the suspense, this number 1 symbol is more likely to show up than any other inexplicable sign. Lucky you, the explanation is more than simple and it shouldn’t scare you in any way. That’s because the number is telling you that you have 1 firmware update available. If you tap on it, you’ll get the explanation almost instantly. The update was, most likely, downloaded, but you still need to take the following steps and actually install it:

  1. Start from Settings;
  2. Select the field that says Device Information;
  3. Download or just install the updates manually.


These 3 steps will be required only if you haven’t allowed the update to run, right from the status bar, when you have checked the number 1 symbol. Either way, you can be sure that the moment your Android firmware update was officially installed, that symbol next to the Settings gear icon will be gone.

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