Galaxy S9 Screen Rotation In Status Bar Not Available – Solved

Is the status bar not available for Samsung Galaxy S9 screen rotation? As someone who used quite a few Samsung Galaxy devices by now, you probably expect to know your way around the Screen Rotation option on Samsung Galaxy S9. If you’re using this device, you have recently updated to the Android operating system version, and you can’t seem to find the Screen Rotation feature in the Status Bar anymore, it didn’t just disappear!

To put it simply, the name of this feature, under the new OS version, has changed depending on its current status. Confused? No need because things are still quite simple and intuitive. It’s just the sudden change that might have caught you off guard.


In a nutshell, from now on, the Status Bar will display for what was previously known as the Screen Rotation one of the following two labels:

  1. Rotate Screen – when the device is set to automatically switch the screen position;
  2. Portrait – when the device is set to NOT switch the screen position.


Depending on what you see in the status bar, you should be able, from now on, to identify the previously known Screen Rotation icon and adjust it accordingly. Like we said, nothing much changed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 other than a few labels. Let us know if this guide helped you solve the problem of your Samsung Galaxy S9 screen rotation in status bar not available.

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