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Getting Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Out Of Kids Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus has a feature known as Kids Mode that manages important pictures, document and data when your kids handle your device. However, in case you forget the Galaxy S8 pin for the Kids Mode, the feature offers you an alternative access without having to damage your smartphone.

For those users who might be interested in knowing how to go around the password of the Kids Mode, this is simply done pressing the exit button and entering the right PIN number.

Even if you restart a phone that was previously in Kids Mode, the device won’t go back to its standard mode until you input the PIN. However, if you probably forgot your PIN, there is a way around it.


Exiting Galaxy S8 Kids Mode without a PIN

If you happen to have typed in the Galaxy S8 pass code 5 times without success, a notification message appears saying ‘forgotten your PIN?’. Right after you have seen this message, press on it and it takes you back to the standard mode without your PIN. However, the next time you wish to log into Kids Mode, the system will ask you to input a new PIN.

Nevertheless, some users reported there being a problem when they tried the above method to get the phone out of Kids Mode. For an example of such cases, it is always advisable to jot down the PIN or set a PIN that you can easily recall.

This is the reason why it is always recommended that you hide the ability to input a PIN verification to enable you quit Kids Mode and there is a reason for this. Once you input the PIN 5 time without success, there will automatically be an issue when you attempt entering Kids Mode in future.


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