GIF Photos On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Guide

Taking motion photos and videos with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is just one of the out-of-the-box camera features. Today, however, we’re going to focus on another cool feature, which is creating GIF photos from your smartphone.

So, forget the Motion feature – by the way, people couldn’t help but notice the obvious resemblance with the Apple’s Live Photos feature – and focus on something new. Not really sure what a GIF is?

You’ve seen plenty of GIFs online. The term stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is nothing more than a dynamic graphic image – a short frame that keeps moving, such as a face laughing, a hand waving, a figurine dancing, and so on. At least that’s what you see on the internet page where it is displayed because, at its core, the GIF is a file in the GIF89a format that encompasses a series of images and knows how to quickly display them in a particular order that will create the effect of a short animation.

Sounds simple but we can assure you it isn’t. Not when it comes to creating it on an Android device. Many people have been contemplating this idea for such a long time and even though several different options have been discussed, it appears that they all have a lot of cons that make the pros fade away.

As a common element, animating a GIF on an Android phone will always require a particular assistant. Guess what – your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has that assistant right in its camera!

To put it simple, your smartphone camera app has a special mode called just like that, Animated GIF. All you have to do in order to capture animated photos is to turn that mode on and start shooting. And the steps to get there are much easier than you’d think:


To create GIF photos with the Galaxy S8 Plus camera…

  1. Launch the Camera app;
  2. Hit the MODE button;
  3. Select the option labeled as Animated GIF;
  4. Leave the menus and start photographing.


When you’re done, switch back to the Gallery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone and enjoy your GIF photos.


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