Hard Reset Galaxy S5 Mini Guide

Under some circumstances, performing a hard factory reset might be the solution to an issue that you are facing while using the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy Mini. Also referred to as hard start, the factory settings reset is the most recommended action to enable you to use the phone once again. Therefore in case, you suspect some bloatware or a virus might have infected the phone leading to sluggishness. In such a circumstance, then you have to perform a factory reset.

In addition, a factory reset will also help in case an accident happens while you are using your phone. For instance, if you like to perform the developer options you quite well know that a slight mistake will lead to serious issues. Our advice in case you are undergoing such happenings is that you think of the factory reset.

Remember the instances when your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini got stuck in a boot loop; the factory reset is the ultimate solution. Or maybe you want to remove all the settings and get rid of the data that your handset is holding. Another circumstance is when you are probably gifting another person or handing over the phone and you don’t wish to hand over the data too. Therefore under such circumstances, you just have to perform the factory restore so that the phone is reverted to the original settings.

The factory reset is a safe procedure though you need to take some actions as you prepare for the process. Therefore, before you get started, we strongly recommend that you check out the following guidelines:


Steps For Preparing Factory Reset

  • Make sure the battery has enough charge. We recommend that the phone charge should be at least 75%. Alternatively, you might also connect the phone to a charger so that you don’t have to wait for the phone to complete charging.
  • Ensure all the important files are saved. These might be your contact list, the call log information, and the applications that you need in future, photos, video or images. You can take advantage of the backup applications available for free at Google Application Store.
  • The memory card is safe and will not be affected by a factory reset. Therefore, it is a safe place for you to keep your data.
  • The guide that we will share is only compatible to the Galaxy S5 Mini as it is just the handset that we have tested on and so we would recommend that you don’t try this on other models.
  • It’s your responsibility to take good care of your phone. In this regard, note that whatever happens to your phone we won’t take the blame.
  • The factory reset action is irreversible. Therefore, only attempt if it is absolutely necessary. This should not be attempted for curiosity especially if you are new to the phone

Having said that, you are now ready for the factory reset.


Procedure For Completing Factory Settings Reset On Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Through The Menu

  1. Navigate to the Settings on your Android Device
  2. Select Reset and Backup
  3. Complete the Reset and you are good to go


Procedure For Performing Factory Settings Reset On Samsung Galaxy Through The Buttons

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. Press the Volume+, and Home button concurrently
  3. Hold the power key to the point where the phone vibrates
  4. Wait for the Android Logo to appear and when it does, release all the buttons
  5. Select the “Wipe/Delete Data/Factory settings reset” by using the volume- button
  6. To complete the action, now press the power button
  7. Use the Volume- button to select yes and this will now do away with all the settings
  8. Use the power key to accept the procedure
  9. And you are done!


Here Is Another Solution That We Thought Is Easier Than Those Two.

  1. Dial *2767*3855#
  2. This resets the phone immediately


With the above steps, you should successfully achieve the objective. To learn to appropriately use Samsung Galaxy S5, it is important that you know how to navigate to recovery mode


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