Hide Message Preview On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

Samsung gadgets are famous when it comes to having additional features. In the event that you’ve recently bought the Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 phone device, you must have seen it brings with it a considerable amount of default choices. One of it, in particular, is the lock screen message. The Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is security password, and you receive an inbox message, it then shows you a little preview of the message, as you were about to open it.

The notification is intended to save you from opening the smartphone and going through the inbox message on the off chance that you conclude that it doesn’t merit or need your consideration for the moment. However, this might sound good until the point when you begin having individuals around you. In the process of you looking at the notification, those around you will get the opportunity to gaze at your smartphone locked screen. Thereafter see what and who messaged you. It is a serious issue particularly if it is a private matter, for the individuals who for the most part talk about private things via their instant messages.

Need to be sure those inbox message pop-ups and previews vanish? You are at liberty to do that, yet you have option. You are free to hide those popups messages at one point that let you know there’s a new message requesting your attention. Then again, you can change the settings with the goal you will never again look at what it entails on the first screen.

For a third party applications, no point for that. Simply read this complete guide and find ways to be in charge of your locked smartphone screen information. On the off chance that you want an additional way how to totally deactivate the content pop-ups of your Samsung device locked screen. Please kindly follow me closely.


How to disable text popups on Note 9 and Note 8

To be more direct, there are two examples when message preview appears on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 display. You have the awful pop-ups we have just discussed, that demonstrate to you a message show. They surface over other application, give you enough points of interest to assume control over the discussion, answer without leaving your current application, and send answers right way, staggeringly simple.

In any case, beside these pop-ups, you likewise have the message show from the upper side of the screen. On the off chance that you see those content previews in the notice bars, despite the fact that the textual style is small, it doesn’t imply that other individuals from around you can’t take a look at it. Thus, there are really two unique issues you intend to handle around here, and we have an answer for them two.

At work or amid a private discussion, face-to-face with another person, you don’t need your urgent messages uncovered that way. To influence it to stop, you simply need to:

  1. Switch-on your phone device
  2. Click and launch Messages application
  3. Click the button ‘MORE’, found upper right half of the display
  4. Get to the Settings and choose the Notifications submenu
  5. In there, switch-off the notification Display by clicking it once.


That is the means by which you dispose of the notification message! Yet, we’ve guaranteed you a bargain. In case you’re keen on getting message notices without revealing the details message, just stay put while I show you how.

Right under same Notifications menu, there’s an alternative, tagged Preview Message. The notification will continue to come, in the event that you uncheck the enable box however just blank notice will show up. NO insights with respect to the message content or who send it will be uncovered at the moment it comes in. What this notification will do for you is to tell you that there is a new message. Furthermore, it will show a direct way to the Messages application, so you won’t spend time exploring to it and opening it in a manual way.


How to handle lock screen information

A few people are quit cool with the security lock that comes during message preview on the screen and others simply don’t like it. In a bid to be more straightforward, we propose you take after the above choice. You want to keep the notification as an activated display notwithstanding the secured lock screen. However, just make sure you deactivate message preview. On the off chance that you need to control of what appears on the secured screen of Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 device:

  1. Launch the gadget’s Settings
  2. Explore into security and Lock Screen
  3. Click on Notifications
  4. Click on Content
  5. Choose “not display notification or hide content”.


Just to emphasize on it again, the hidden message alternative will offer you notices, in any case, as proposed, with no indications about what the subject or who send the message. In the event that you lean toward the “Do Not prompt any Notifications” alternative, at that point, starting now and into the foreseeable future, you would not see anything on the security lock screen of your Samsung phone device.

For the now, that will be all. The time is now up to you to consider the options available to you and modify the security settings according.


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