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Home Button Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 9/Note 10

For those who have bought their Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 or Note 10 and are having serious issue with their home button, you are in the right page to get it back working for you. The home button usually give out signal that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 is on and functioning with a light indication when you press the touch key by the home button. If for any reason you have the touch key press while the phone is on and the light refuse to come up. Don’t worry I will get it done for you here. Just follow me closely.

The reason why the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 home button is not responding is because the home button light is on a ‘off mode’ or disable. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 can be program to its default setting that can turn off the home button light in order to move into energy saving mode. For simplicity, patiently go through the following steps to get your home button working perfectly.


How to fix Touch Key light not working on Samsung Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10: 

  1. Switch-on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10
  2. Find the and open the Menu page
  3. Navigate to the Settings
  4. Look out for “Quick Settings”
  5. Select the option on “Power Saving”
  6. Select “Power Saving Mode”
  7. Click on “Restrict Performance”
  8. Simply Uncheck the box of “Turn off touch key light”


After following through this step outline here on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10, the touch button light will automatically be back on and functioning.


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