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How Do I Change Internet Homepage On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8

Changing your internet homepage can often be a quick way to get to your favorite website faster. By changing your internet homepage, your internet browser will automatically load a chosen page each time you open up the internet app. On the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus browser, there are options available for changing your internet homepage, but it can be a bit confusing for those coming from a different internet browser.

Follow the steps below to learn how to change your internet homepage on your S8 or S8+ Plus.


How To Change Internet Homepage On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Make sure your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus is switched on. Next, open the Android internet browser. Once in the browser, tap the ‘more’ button and then tap the Homepage option. You’ll be given a number of different option when you tap ‘Home.’


You can choose from the following options:

  • Default page
  • Quick access
  • Current Page
  • Most visited sites
  • Otherweb page


Once you’ve changed your default page, your internet browser will always bring up the chosen page each time you open it up on your Galaxy S8.


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