How Do I Keep Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Screen On Longer?

The Galaxy S8 might just be one of the best smartphones to ever exist. Whilst it comes out of the box with most features enabled, some features and settings will need to be adjusted by the user. For example, you’ll need to visit the settings menu to make some tweaks if you’d like your Galaxy S8 screen to stay on for longer. If you’re not sure how to keep your Galaxy S8 screen on for longer, simply follow the steps we have listed below. It should be noted that this guide will also work for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

You’ll need to set up the “Stay awake” feature on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S 7Edge to keep your smartphone display on longer. You’ll also be able to switch on this feature for when your smartphone is being charged.

Follow the steps below to turn on the “Stay Awake” feature on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How To Keep Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen On Longer

  1. Switch your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus on.
  2. Go to the Homescreen, then open the app menu and then open the settings app.
  3. Search for “Device Information.”
  4. Tap on Device Information and then search for “build number.”
  5. Tap “build number” several times.
  6. After seven taps, a small message will appear, saying “Developer options unlocked.”


Next, go to the settings app again and search for the “Developer options” option. Inside the developer options menu, search for the “Stay Awake” feature and tap it to switch it on. Your display will now remain on unless you manually switch it off.


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