How Keep Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Connected To Wi-Fi

What’s the point in getting to choose between using your mobile data plan and a local wireless connection to navigate the web from a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9, when your choices don’t seem to be taken into account? That’s the feeling you probably get when you connect to a Wi-Fi and you realize that the connection dropped and you’re back to mobile data. Incredibly disturbing to say the least.

Still, what could be the cause that is making the Note 8 or Note 9 to refuse to stay connected to the Wi-Fi? If you ask us, we tend to believe it’s the Smart Network Switch setting.


What’s the Smart Network Switch and why does it interrupt the Wi-Fi connection?

The Smart Network Switch option is active by default on any Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9. As the name suggests, it is responsible for switching from one network to another – the Wi-Fi and the mobile data, as it sees fit. Usually, the device analyzes the stability of your wireless connection and it may decide you’re doing better over the mobile data, even when you don’t want to do better on a different network. If that’s the case, here’s the fix:

  1. Go to the Notification Bar and activate the Mobile Data connection;
  2. Then, go to the general Settings menu;
  3. Access the Wireless section;
  4. Look for the Smart Network Switch option and uncheck its box.


It was simple, wasn’t it? From now on, if you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll stay on it, no matter how good or bad your connection is.


What if turning off the Smart Network Switch didn’t work?

It’s possible, we can’t argue that. Which is why we can only recommend you the next step – performing a wipe cache partition. We have a thorough guide in place for you, entitled How To Clear The Cache On Galaxy Note 8. Read it, boot into Recovery Mode, and use the Wipe Cache Partition to solve the unstable wireless connectivity:

  1. When you know exactly what to do, turn off the phone;
  2. Hold the three keys – Power, Home, Volume Up at once;
  3. When the phone vibrates (after a few seconds of holding all those keys) you can let go of it, as soon as you’re in the Recovery Mode;
  4. Head to the Wipe Cache Partition from the Volume Down key and select it with the Power key;
  5. Use the Reboot System Now menu when it’s all done and leave the Recovery Mode.


Once you did this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 should be able to stay connected to your selected Wi-Fi network without problems. Of course, this rule applies when the network itself is working flawlessly!

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