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How To Add Reminder In Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus, Galaxy S9?

A notification reminder on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9 can be used to remind you of any important notifications you may otherwise miss. If you’re expecting an important email or a message from somebody, this tool can be very useful.

To begin with, notification reminder is switched off on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9, so you will need to follow this guide to turn it on and set it up.

The notification reminder feature is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices, so whilst there may be similar features on other phones, this particular guide will only work for the Galaxy S8, S8+ Plus and S9.


How to enable and configure notification reminder in Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9?

To use notification reminder on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9 you will need to enable it within the settings menu. Once you have enabled it, you may also need to configure the feature so that it works better for your particular usage scenario. Follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1: Enter Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 settings

First you’ll need to enter the settings menu on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9- follow one of the steps below.

  1. Open the Galaxy notification panel and then tap the settings (gear) icon
  2. Open the Galaxy apps menu and tap the Settings app icon.
  3. Alternatively, if you have the Settings app on your home screen, tap the icon from your home screen.

Any of these three options will send you to the settings app.


Step 2. Navigate to Accessibility settings

Next, navigate to the accessibility settings option within the settings app and tap it.


Step 3: Enable notification reminder in Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9

You’ll be able to find notification reminder in this menu.

This feature is turned off by default on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9 handsets.

Tap Notification reminder to open the settings page it.


Step 4: Configure notification reminder in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9

Once you’re in the Notification reminder page, you can enable it by tapping the switch and moving it into the ‘on’ position.

You can either drag or tap the switch button to turn notification reminder on.

Once you have enabled notification reminder, you’ll have a number of configuration options for the feature.



If you enable vibrate, the notification reminder will vibrate when notifying you of an unread notification, on top of the usual notification sound.


Reminder interval

With this feature you can set how often your Galaxy device will remind you of a notification.

There are options for anything from 1 minute to 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, unlike older Galaxy devices, there isn’t an option for a 60 minute reminder interval.


All apps

With this setting you can enable the notification reminder feature for all apps.

Alternatively you can use this function to reset all app notification reminder settings to default.


Individual apps

To begin with, no apps will be using the notification reminder after you enable it for the first time.

It is possible to switch it on for all apps at once by using the ‘all apps’ feature mentioned above.

We suggest using the individual apps section to pick and choose what apps you’d like to have notification reminders for.

Typically, notification reminders for apps like your messages, Facebook or email can be useful, but notification reminders for less necessary apps like games aren’t.

After you’ve gone through the configuration settings you can tap the home button to return to the home screen.

You will now get notification reminders for apps you’ve selected.


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