How To Adjust Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Camera Video Size And Picture Size

A lot of Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus users feel that using default settings for video and picture size is good enough.

You can think to consider the video setting and camera picture sizes for the Galaxy S8 camera.

  • Storage should be considered.
  • Thinking of the specificity of aspect ration for your video or photo.


You should consider the amount of storage it takes and make the video size and picture size less whenever you can for the galaxy S8 cameras.

You could also use the aspect ration of 1:1 or 16:9 rather than a default 4:3 if you want a video or photo.

The default setting above will not meet your needs in these scenarios and you will need to set the video and picture size on the Galaxy S8 cameras.

However, we should understand what the preferred size of videos and photo are for you before we set the video size and picture size for the Galaxy S8 cameras.


What should I expect when setting the video size and camera size for the Galaxy S8 cameras?


You should consider the following parameter when setting the video size and camera size for the Galaxy S8 camera.

  • The aspect ratio. The Galaxy S8 camera has 3 different aspect ratios: 1:1 and 16:9 that is used for videos and photos and 4:3 that is the default.
  • The type of resolution. Using the rear camera or front camera can affect the result of the resolution that you end up with.


You should try to consider the things below for aspect ratio:

  • Using 16:9 for photos or videos that you view on TVs or PCs, or use online services such as YouTube.
  • Using 4:3 for photos that you want to print on normal photo papers.
  • Using 4:3 for a video when you view on shared email or MMS, or old TVs.
  • If you plan to use this for a design, 1:1 will work best.


Consider the things below for better resolution of your photo:

  • 12M that is (4032*3024, 4:3) to try to print a photo in 8R or photo papers that are larger.
  • 2M that is (2880*2160, 4:3) to try to print the photo in 4R or photo paper that is larger.
  • 1M that is (4032*2268, 16:9) to try to view photo mainly on TV or want to share them on your social networks.
  • 7M that is (2560*1440, 16:9) to try to share your photos through MMS or social media.
  • 1M that is (3024*3024, 1:1) to try to add photo for design works.
  • 7M that is (2160*2160, 1:1) to try to add photos for web design.


For photos, you can scale down without losing quality. But if you scale up, your photos will have very poor quality.

So, if are using a SD card, you should try to use higher resolution if possible.


You should think of the file size for videos:

  • If you have no chance to watch the video on a 4K TV, you probably should not record the video in UHD 2160p although Galaxy S8 camera and Galaxy S8+ Plus camera support this. You may just waste storage.
  • It is sufficient for most TVs to have full HD at 30 fps as default.
  • You can try to record a full HD video at 60 fps if you would like to take a video in slow motion. From there, play the video in half speed. If you do this, the videos on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus to get the best videos in slow motion.
  • Take a video in HD (720p) so that your videos on your tablet or phone look good while looking at them from social media.
  • It will be better if you decide to use a smaller video size if you device to send a video through email or MMS.


Keep in mind, that the things above are simply general recommendation on how you can decide what video size or picture size you want on your Galaxy S8 camera.

Always keep in mind what you want and how much storage you have available. You will need more space if you prefer higher resolution and you can always decrease the size. You can use less storage if you choose lower resolution but you will not be able to increase the size up.


Setting up picture size for Galaxy S8 camera picture size

  1. Go to the preview screen on your Galaxy S8 to set the picture size.
  2. You can use any of the four methods to start the camera app on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.
  3. Click on the icon for the picture size settings.
  4. Choose the picture size in your pop-out window on your Galaxy S8 camera.
  5. If you use the front camera, you will have less picture size for the Galaxy S8 camera.
  6. You can only choose 3 options: 3.7M, 3.8M, and 5.0M.


Keep in mind; the consistency of the picture size for the Galaxy S8 camera is not good.

What this means for the settings on the Galaxy S8 cameras is that the picture size is only for the current session. The default picture size for the Galaxy S8 camera will be in place once you leave the camera app.


Setting video size for Galaxy S8 camera video size

  1. You must first go to the camera settings page for your Galaxy S8 to set the video size for your camera.
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon that is at the lower left of the screen to put in the camera settings for your Galaxy S8.
  3. Click on the Video size in the Galaxy S8 page for the camera settings. You can use illustration for the rear camera video setting.
  4. Choose the possible video sizes that can be found in the window for video size.


You will not be able to use HDR, tracking AF, and video effects if you want to record in QHD, FHD, or UHD.

Also, you will not be able to take pictures while you are recording if you want to record using FHD (60fps).

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