How To Block Calls On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 And Note 8

Getting unsolicited or unwanted calls is unpleasant regardless of how you look at it. Just because you are having a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9, it doesn’t mean that blocking calls has to be more complicated than on other Android devices. As a matter of fact, you have quite a few interesting options when it comes to it, all of which will be presented to you in this article. From telemarketers to all the spammers out there, no one will be able to mess with you after you put into practice our advice on this topic!

What you are trying to obtain is called rejection, in technical terms. That’s because while all you see is that you are no longer receiving calls from that number, and you think that you have blocked its calls, in reality, the caller can still dial your number. But it will get its call rejected instantly. To that other person, it will be as if you are always staring at your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 and reject his or her calls right away. Of course, you don’t do that, it’s your phone that does it automatically, provided you tell it to act that way.


Here is how you can block a single caller on Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Just go to the Phone app;
  2. Access the Call Log;
  3. Select the number you wish to block;
  4. Tap on More;
  5. Tap on “Add to auto reject list”.


Here is how you can block all the calls from all the unknown callers:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Access the Call Rejection;
  3. Tap on Auto Reject List;
  4. In there, you’ll see the option that allows you to block all the calls from Unknown Callers – switch its toggle to On.


Here is how you can handle the Auto-Reject list on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Repeat the steps from above to access the Auto Reject List (Settings >> Call Rejection);
  2. Within that page, you have the option to type a particular phone number or to select a contact from your agenda and add it to the auto reject.


This is also the place where you can revise all your previously blocked numbers, so take a good look – you can unblock them from the same menu. As suggested, there’s more than one way to block calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8 and now you know it all!

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