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How To Block Samsung Note 8 Calls Incoming

No matter the reason, sometimes you must decide to block a certain caller in your contact list or even block unknown calls that are highly disturbing; you are free to that quite easy using your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Nowadays, there are so many spammers and marketers that call you constantly or text you, being quite annoying and exhausting your phone’s battery.

As a user of Samsung Note 8, you can use for this purpose the call blocking feature or known as the ‘’Rejection Feature’’. This feature can help you ignore all calls that annoy you or you don’t want to receive calls from a specific caller, only with blocking their phone number using your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This type of blocking has two main and different perspectives.


Blocking calls from unknown Callers

A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user may receive many calls from unknown calling numbers. Using your Note 8, there is a way for blocking these types of calls. You need to find and get in the automatic reject list, find the option for blocking calls from unknown callers, and press select to confirm the process and make sure you will not be bothered by unknown callers again. When you are doing this procedure, you should be careful not to forget and make sure that you switched ‘’on’’ Google, on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Doing this simple process, you will be protected from getting calls from unknown callers.



Blocking calls from individual callers on Note 8

You have one more main option for blocking calls. That option is to block individual callers by using your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through the phone application for that certain purpose. All you need to do is to go to the phone app, tap on the call log, and find the call you need to be blocked.

When you find the call that needs to be blocked, your next step is to find the ‘’More’’ option that is on the top right corner of the smartphone’s screen, and the final step is to click on the option for ‘’Add auto reject list’’. When you select the final option, the process is done. The caller will never be able to reach you again by that number.

There is another way of blocking calls on your Note 8. You just need to go in the ‘’Call rejection’’ option that can be found in the phonebook, type the number you wanted to be blocked, and that’s it. When you block a number using this option you can also see the other numbers that you have blocked if you have any other blocked numbers.


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