How To Change App Icon Size In Home Screen Of Note 8 And Note 9?

Have it in mind that in order to change the Note 8 and Note 9 applications icon size on the home screen, you would need to change the screens grid settings. Everybody is aware that the Galaxy Note 8 screen includes a grid comprising of very much characterized rows and columns.

The cells at the intersecting point of these rows and columns are the regions where you can put all the application icons or widgets on Note 8 and Note 9 that you wish to move around the home screen or the applications screen. This present article is going to teach you the method to follow when changing your app icon.


  1. Firstly, Go to the Home screen;
  2. Slide down the Notifications tray from the highest point of the screen;
  3. Launch the Settings application by choosing the gear icon;
  4. Click on Display and Wallpaper;
  5. Click on Icon Backgrounds;
  6. In the recently opened page, you will notice two primary options and a box would be directly beneath these options.
  7. In that box, you get the chance to be able to view the current Note 8 and Note 9 screens grid settings;
  8. Click on anyone of the two alternatives and view the preview box
  9. Click on the other alternative and take a look at the preview box, attempting to detect the differences between this one and the past one
  10. Choose whichever preview of application icons you prefer most you like best and make use of that particular setting
  11. Click the DONE button to save your settings;
  12. Exit the menus.


After you are done with the steps above and you’re back to the Home screen or the Application drawer, both of them have common settings and you can’t change just a single of them. You should observe the distinction.

The Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 application symbols estimate in the Home screen should now fit the progressions you simply connected through the above strides.

Sadly, a Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 gadget does not come with an excessive number of alternatives on this part; however, you know precisely your choices, even if they might be few.


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