How To Change Galaxy S9 Lockscreen & Wallpaper

Is your Galaxy S9 Plus & Samsung Galaxy S9 configured, to begin with, a thumbprint scan, PIN, or lock pattern? The foremost item that will be displayed each time you awaken the display will be the Lock Screen on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. It shows up with a general selected image. Most individuals value the change lockscreen and wallpaper on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. More desired alternatives to the simple, typical wallpaper include a family photo, exceptional wall covering, or even an eye-catching scenery shot in their previous trip.

Even as a majority of individuals, who have not used Android until now, are unaware of the ability to modify the Lockscreen on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. However, this display, that is not like the Home Display, therefore, may have its specific wallpaper; may be effortlessly tailored in just one or two minutes.


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In this piece, you will find out the precise procedure for two diverse techniques that will assist you to make only that; modify the default Lock Display with a different image as you add any photo you wish. Let us go to the clear instructions.


Modification Of Galaxy S9 Plus Or Galaxy S9 Lock Screen Covering- Technique #1

The Home Display and Lock Display are not the same. However, individualizing the picture from the initial one will need gaining access to the succeeding one. Therefore, go your Galaxy S9/ Galaxy S9 Plus’s Home Screen then do the following:

  1. Locate a blank area on the display
  2. Click, then old on the clear space
  3. Standby for the display to decrease into a different, tailored mode
  4. Examine your choices, and you will have to:
    • Reorder the icons;
    • Tailor the wallpaper;
  5. Modify the main display where your Home control will relay you;
  6. Choose the wallpapers symbol from the lowermost left;
  7. A listing of pre-set up contextual wallpapers existing for section will be visible;
  8. In any case, you dislike any of them; you can click on View Gallery choice and browse the smartphone till you get a photo that you prefer more. It may be a photo that was taken using your camera, a picture taken from the internet, exceptional cover from the internet or just a cover from an exclusive application like Zedge;
  9. After you pick your favorite photo, click on the control marked as Set Wallpaper;
  10. Exit the menus. The changed wallpaper need to be live immediately.


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How To Change Galaxy S9 Plus/ S9 Wallpaper- Technique #2

As we stated, the Lock Display wallpaper and the Home Display cover, don’t have to be the same; they may be different. Once more, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Home Display
  2. Get a blank area and click on there;
  3. Choose Wallpaper
  4. Click on your Home Display tab from the upper-left part of the display
  5. You must see a list of dedicated choices for Lock, Home, or all of them;
  6. Click on the Lock Display choice
  7. Follow the cue and decide to either choose a pre-installed picture or peruse for an image saved on the Galaxy S9 Plus or S9;
  8. Choose the Wallpaper switch and exit the menus


Another way of installing a display Lock Display wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is using the third-party application designed for giving you assortments of famous covers that you may try.

On the third-party applications available via Play Store is Zedge. In case you are inquisitive regarding it, go on and test it. This brings us to the third option in today’s article. There you will not state that there are not enough choices at hand.


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