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How To Change Note8 Text Message App

The Samsung Note8 is viewed as some of the best cell phones from Samsung and a genuine possibility for the best cell phone of the year 2017. In the same way as other different telephones, they accompany a progression of pre-introduced applications, particularly composed by Samsung, conveying specific plan attributes and elements.

For this situation, we are discussing the alleged Messages application, the stock messages application from Samsung for its most recent leaders, an alternative that splendidly supplements the new Android working framework.

In principle, most stock applications accompany some fundamental elements and aren’t especially alluring, nor they enabling clients to redo them.

By and by, this stock application for Note8 has some additional elements that will enable you to control it considerably simpler. For example, on the off chance that you are perusing a message and simply put the telephone in the year, it will naturally call that contact. Furthermore, you likewise have a snappy control include that gives you a chance to swipe the show and make a call.


  1. While Messages are better than other implicit applications, it is still a long way from the outside informing applications that you can download from the Play Store. Those will normally give you a chance to set custom topics or foundations, modify the text style, and include shading – more or less, to totally change the way that the messages look and feel.
  1. Which would be the best contrasting option to Messages hard to tell, however not feasible. One can simply attempt two or three applications and see which one is more agreeable. In the present article, we’d jump at the chance to demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to set up your new informing application for Samsung Galaxy Note8. Furthermore, as the default application.
  1. With the more traditional version of Android, including another application would have naturally driven you to get twofold warnings with each new message. However, with the most recent OS adaptation, you can’t have two default applications in the meantime. What’s more, regardless of the possibility that you introduce another application, the stock informing application from Samsung will stay dynamic, unless you set the other one as default.


The most effective method to change the Note8’s message application

  1. Launch the Google Play Store and look for instant message applications;
  1. Download one or a few diverse applications – Textra, Chomp or GoSMS may draw your consideration as they are among the most well-known choices;
  1. Launch the recently introduced application and focus on the primary notices you’re getting or alternatives you have close by;
    • Textra, for example, has a huge catch with the Set as Default mark on it that you will see the first run through when you dispatch the application;
  1. If your 3rd Party application doesn’t have such a choice, you should physically set it as default by making the accompanying strides:
  2. Get to the General Settings of your cell phone;
  3. Go to the Gadget segment;
  4. Select Applications;
  5. Tap on Default Applications;
  6. Tap on the Informing Application;
  7. In the recently opened window, you should see a rundown of the accessible informing applications, the 3rd Party application that you just downloaded included;
  8. On the off chance that all you see are the Samsung Messages application and the Google Home based application, it implies that you didn’t really introduce an outer application;
  9. Select the informing application that you need to use as default;
  10. Leave the menus, and you’re finished.


From this minute on, your Samsung Galaxy Note8 should use as the primary informing application the application that you simply chose. Simply ahead and customize your new application, including shading, textual styles, bubble hues and everything else you have within reach.


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