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How To Change Samsung Note 8 Screen Lock Time

Your Samsung Note 8 is an advanced mobile phone that knows when the screen is on, off, etc. When the screen is on, it tends to drain your smartphone’s battery, and this would even become faster when you are using a lot of features of your phone. The Screen Timeout, notwithstanding, is one of those elements that you can change and that can likewise have a genuine effect on how long your battery will last. On the off chance that you were pondering, this esteem is set to 30 seconds of course.

Regardless of whether you need to increment or lessening this esteem, the Smart Stay include is an alternative. This one will check in case you’re taking a look at the screen or not. When you do, it naturally improves the light and when you don’t, it decreases the brightness and the battery utilization.

In any case, your mobile phone’s time out is set to 30 seconds by default, the choice of increasing or decreasing its value by using the smart stay feature is yours. The smart stay feature helps to reduce the brightness of your phone when it is not in use and automatically increases it while in use. There is an option for anyone who does not feel good using the smart stay feature which is to directly adjust the screen time out settings.

The smart stay feature has its advantage and disadvantage in the sense that it is very simple to use and it really allows you to keep the screen light up to 30 seconds. Then again, when your screen light is on for a long period, in the event that somebody takes the telephone from you, it may get a window sufficiently long to find it opened and increase full access to all your own data.


Long story short, if you need to modify the Screen Timeout on Samsung Note 8 you should:

  1. Go the Settings;
  2. From settings move to the Display menu;
  3. Click the Screen Timeout submenu;
  4. Choose the amount inactive time you want;
  5. Exit the menus once you’re set.


Finally, before moving unto the next, you would be shown one more scope. On the off chance that you have a Samsung GalaxyS8 or S8Plus which could come up itself whenever it is kept anywhere, be it your purse or pocket, you have a unique way to activate it. By using the “keep screen turned off” and it depends on the light sensors to function whether you’re keeping it in a dull place like the pocket or purse or not. On the off chance that it recognizes a comparative setting, it will hinder the brightness from turning on.

This feature “Keep screen turned off” can be found in general settings in the same place as the display section. However, it is usually at the base of the settings list. When you find it, simply click on it once in order to activate it. Having done all these, you would be able to use your Samsung Note 8 smartphone genuinely for longer hours.

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