How To Change Samsung Note 9 Wallpaper

Changing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpaper is one of those things you will want to try at least once, just because you can. It’s not like everyone at the office or at home has the same smartphone and you want to differentiate it. It’s just that you want to see how it feels to look at a different image whenever you unlock the screen.

Changing the Wallpaper is something you will most certainly anticipate how to do, even if it’s your first experience of this kind. That’s because you can tell it’s a wallpaper setting, something you have seen in the general settings of your smartphone, as well as in the Edit Screen, with your previous attempts of adding new widgets.


So, here’s your first clue: there are two different ways to change the Samsung Note 9 Wallpaper. And once you get to the actual menu, you have two other main options on what kind of picture to choose. One would be from a list of default wallpapers that every Note 9 comes with from the factory. And the other one would be from your phone’s Gallery, any picture you have taken with your camera in the past. Of course, when it comes to choosing outside the box, you can also choose a picture that was sent to you and that you have stored on the device. Or you can download wallpapers from the Play Store.

What kind of new wallpaper you want to set on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a decision that you can take later, on your own. For now, let us show you how to get to the Wallpaper settings.


Method #1 – Change the Wallpaper from the Note 9 Settings:

  1. Start from the Home screen;
  2. Launch the Notification Panel;
  3. Select the Settings gear icon;
  4. Tap on Sound and Display;
  5. Tap on Wallpaper;
  6. Select a pre-installed wallpaper in there or browse on your phone for a picture from the Gallery.


Method #2 – Change the Wallpaper from the Edit Screen:

  1. Again, start from the Home screen;
  2. Instead of going to Settings, however, find an empty area on the screen;
  3. Long press in there until the Edit Screen launches;
  4. Look at the bottom of the screen, where the Wallpapers option should be listed among other things;
  5. Tap on it and choose your preferred wallpaper.


That’s it, you can now tell that you have all the information on how to change the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallpaper. Go on and have some fun!

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