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How To Change Your Bluetooth Name On Samsung Note 8

Different people want different things from their smartphones. While some of them focus on the bigger picture, others obsess about the details and do it in such an intensive way that they even want to change the name of the phone! It usually starts with the Bluetooth name, one of the first situations when you get to see your phone listed among other phones. If you have a strange feeling whenever you have to pick its name, not being absolutely sure that it’s the right device, changing its name will eliminate any uncertainty.


The exact steps on how to change your Galaxy Note 8 device name

The device name is most often associated with the Bluetooth name, hence the title of this article. But that’s just because the Bluetooth connection is the most common context when you get to see a name for your phone. Otherwise, your smartphone – called, by default, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – can have its own custom name that will show up in many other places, when required.


Long story short, you have such a setting called Device Name and you can edit it in just a few simple steps. By doing so, you will replace the default name with something that you prefer:

  1. Unlock the phone;
  2. Access the main Menu;
  3. Go to Settings;
  4. Tap on Device Information;
  5. Identify the Device Name entry and tap on it;
  6. Type the new name in the new window that will pop up.
  7. Leave the settings when you’ve finished changing the name.


With the new Bluetooth name of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you should be able to spot your device more easily and select it without any second doubts whenever you find it on a list with other Note 8 devices!

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