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How To Check Or Schedule Software Updates On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Updates are both a bless and a pain for your Samsung Galaxy S8. On one hand, they are extremely useful when it comes to maintaining your device protected, the security enhancements being notable. On the other hand, the older a device is, the more difficult it can be for it to run with an update conceived to supercharge the latest versions. Of course, it is not the case of Galaxy S8 device yet, as this smartphone is still Samsung’s latest flagship.

Nevertheless, S8 will soon be launched and S8 users might want to think twice when accepting a particular update or not. As a rule, software updates have all kinds of purposes and perform all kinds of tasks. From revisions and new features to fixing bugs and removing some older, outdated features, there are plenty of things that can change on your phone during a software update. The decision to accept it or to postpone the upgrade is exclusively yours.

We, on the other hand, can help you with a couple of easy tricks like how to manually check and see if there are any new updates available; or how to block your Samsung Galaxy S8 from automatically running these updates; and, why not, how to schedule particular software updates to your desired date and time.


How to manually check for software updates:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Tap on About Device;
  3. Hit the Downloads Updates Manually option;
  4. Wait for the phone to automatically scan and tell you if there are any updates you can use right away;
  5. If it detects an update, you can decide to install it by simply following the step-by-step instructions provided on the screen.


How to set your Galaxy S8 to automatically download and install software updates:

  1. Go back to Settings, About Device;
  2. Look for the entry labeled as Download Updates Automatically;
  3. Tap on the switch next to this option and set it to On. How to schedule software updates:
  4. From the Same About Device section, under Settings;
  5. Tap on the Schedule Software Updates option sitting next to the Download Updates Automatically;
  6. Edit the time settings however you see fit;
  7. Hit the Done button when you have chosen your desired hour;
  8. Leave the menus and rest assured that the device will automatically update as per your schedule.


With these three options at hand, you can always decide what works best and if you want to handle the updates personally or simply let our Samsung Galaxy S8 take all the calls in terms of software updates. But just so you know, the smartphone, set to update automatically, will run every new updated the soonest it becomes available!

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