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How To Clear Application Data On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

For those of us that own a Galaxy S8 or a Galaxy S8+ Plus, it is important to know how to clear app data on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. The easiest method to fix a bug or any other software problem from any app on your Galaxy smartphone is through performing a factory reset or wiping of the cache partition.

It is highly advisable that you perform a cache wipe if you are experiencing glitches, delays or freezes. Below is our guideline on how to clear the cache of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


How to clear an application cache on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus

If you only have issues with a particular application, its best advised to first clear the cache of the app. You can clear the cache using the following instructions.

  1. Power ON your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus
  2. Open Settings Application Manager
  3. Press on the app you wish to clear data for
  4. After you have selected the app, search for the app info screen
  5. Hit on clear cache
  6. To clear the application cache of all the applications, open on Settingsà Storage
  7. Hit on Cached Data to clear all data simultaneously.


However, do not select Clear Data unless you wish to lose all the information that the application stores for instance, your Google account details, app preferences, settings and so on.


What to try if clearing the cache doesn’t work

If you already cleared the app cache of the individual apps and the problem doesn’t seem to walk away, the other viable option would be to uninstall the app and restart your smartphone. You should however note that you should always remember to back up all your important data before performing any reset on your Galaxy smartphone to prevent any data loss as a result of the reboot. If even after the restart the same problem still exhibits, it is advisable that you perform a cache wipe otherwise known as System Cache Wipe.


How to clear the system cache of your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. Power OFF your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus
  2. Hit and hold the Power, Volume Up and the Home keys simultaneously until the Android logo appears and the phone vibrates.
  3. Release the Power button but keep hold of the other 2 buttons
  4. Use the Volume Up key to scroll and highlight on Wipe Cache Partition
  5. Hit the Power button to select it
  6. Scroll down with the Volume key to “Yes” then hit the Power button to select
  7. Scroll to Reboot System Now then hit the Power button to select
  8. Your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus smartphone restarts with a cleared system cache



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