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How To Close And Change Apps On Galaxy S8+ Plus And Galaxy S8

There are several reasons as to why you have to close running apps in the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8; the apps that are not in use may reduce the longevity of the power in the battery. The running apps may reduce the performance of the phone in some way or the other.


Instructions on how to close apps in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. Click on the multi-button key on the left side of the home button, this is the multitasking menu key that brings all the running apps on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.
  2. For your information changing from Google Gmail to YouTube using this button is quick and easier.
  3. By the use of this button, you will be able to close all the apps at once and also bring on running at the same time, without wasting time dealing with one and then another.
  4. A quick swipe of the finger will remove all the apps by closing them instantly. You don’t have to panic about the sites that you visit frequently because when you close apps they will just hang where you left and at the end when you open them you get the page where you had left on before you closed.


However you can decide to start a fresh with the closed apps if you do not want to reload the page that you were before, this is upon the users of the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8. Just to make this matter straight, the multi-capacity key is a rectangular button that is next to the home button and is always at the bottom, so you don’t miss the point.


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