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How To Connect TV With Galaxy A9, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3

Just because you don’t have a Samsung SmartTV, it doesn’t mean you cannot mirror your smartphone’s content on your TV, whatever model it may be. So, good news for you today – in just a few simple steps, you’ll look at the photos or the videos from your Samsung Galaxy J5 on the screen of a TV.

You could do it wirelessly or through a wired connection but it’s the 21st century, who needs wires around the house? Let’s focus on the wireless instructions of how to connect Samsung Galaxy A9, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 to a TV.

Assuming you don’t have a SmartTV, you’ll have to make sure, in advance, that you have a Samsung AllShare Hub. Aside from it, you’ll also need an HDMI cable and you’re ready to set things up:

  1. Take the AllShare Hub and connect it to the TV with that standard HDMI cable;
  2. Then, check that both the smartphone and the hub are linked to the same Wi-Fi network;
  3. When all this is set, grab your Samsung Galaxy A9, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 and go to its Settings menu;
  4. Select Screen Mirroring in there and you’re ready!


From now on, looking at your favorite things won’t have to be conditioned by the small screen of the Samsung Galaxy A9, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 – you’ve just learned how to master the wireless screen mirroring!


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