How To Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Note 9 Notification Bar

When it comes to customizing the notification bar of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9, what exactly do you have in mind? We’re asking because you have a lot of options. In fact, the more crowded it is right now, the more things you get to do to clear things out a little bit. Most likely, you’ll want to keep the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi quick settings at hand, but other than that, what are you planning to do?


If you need a change but you’re not really sure in what direction, read this guide about the pull-down bar or the notification drawer as it is often referred to. Here are the essentials:

  1. The notification pull-down bar shows up at the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 screen, from literally any app, window, or Home screen panel;
  2. All you have to do in order to access this bar is to pull down, from the top of the screen, using one finger;
  3. If you pull down with two fingers, you’ll get to a more extended menu, known as the Quick Settings menu, that generally covers most of the screen;
  4. By default and without exception, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 notification bar will contain a series of toggles for the main settings;
  5. Depending on your carrier, a slider that allows you to adjust the display brightness might also be present;
  6. If you want to customize what you see on the Notification Bar, you must first access the Quick Settings menu.


To customize the Notification Bar of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9:

  1. Turn on the device;
  2. Access the Notification Bar, as suggested above, by swiping with one finger from the top;
  3. Tap on the top right square icon and head to the Quick Settings;
  4. Tap on the Pencil symbol from the top of the screen;
  5. Access the Notification Panel edit settings – its location varies from one carrier to another;
  6. Here you can decide if you want to have that brightness adjustment slider on the Notification Bar or if you want it removed;
  7. And you can also select the settings that you want to have access to, straight from the Notification Bar – press and hold the toggle you want to remove, then drag and drop it to a more remote location.


After you have selected your favorite settings and in what order you want them to be displayed, you’re free to turn back to using your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or┬áNote 9 as usually. From screen mirroring to the blocking mode and many other options in between, they can all be much closer to you and you’re the only one to decide how you want to access them.

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