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How To Cut, Copy And Paste On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 excels at many different things and most of its users rely on it for texting and calling. Still, handling larger blocks of text isn’t uncommon either. But when it comes to it, some users just know how to cut, copy and paste data, making the best of these simple commands, while others are clueless and find it more comfortable to stay that way.

All that will change today because it is not difficult at all. You too can learn how to use these commands and remove or just highlight words, paragraphs, or entire web pages. It’s not just about accessing a particular internet page and using the Sharing option or the search magnifying glass, but also about working with emails, text messages, and any other kind of text that you might need to tackle.


Some succinct details that will get you started:

  1. Handling text on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 starts with a selection process;
  2. The simple way to go about it is to long press on any text area;
  3. The device will automatically select the closest word from the area where you have tapped;
  4. The word will be highlighted and framed by two dots, while on top of it will show up the menu with shortcuts for the select all, cut, or copy commands;
  5. The paste command will only show up in the destination window, as long as one of the previous commands has been selected and is currently active;
  6. Before you switch to where you want to copy that text, you might insist on extending your selection however you see fit;
  7. Drag the dots and slide right or left or in both directions, if you want to encompass words before and after the one currently selected;
  8. With the accurate selection in place, select the action, move to another window, long press in an empty area and select the paste option.


That’s all you need to know on how to cut, copy and paste texts on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8. As suggested, when you’re in a web browser, the options are more various – see the magnifying glass or the Android share button.

For regular use, however, on any other local app, you can easily put into practice the entire above. Some users prefer to select the entire text, bring it to the new window, and start editing and cutting pieces from it in the final destination app. Whatever works for you is OK.

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