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How To Deactivate Bixby On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

On the off chance that you were envy on the Apple users who get the opportunity to make the most of Siri’s presence, with Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 you have Bixby to help you. Along these lines, you can quit needing for assistance because now you have one. Regardless of whether you need to know the time in California, Van Nuys, – or in any place of the Globe – or you need to say Hi Bixby and take a gander at your phone device as it activates all by itself, now you can do it with Bixby on Note 9.

In this way, now, you should simply go ahead and test it, choose if you need to utilize it and learn on how to disable it if you come to the part when you feel like it is way too much for you and you don’t need it.

This assistant that is going to answer all your voice command and inquiries is simple to disable and enable by utilizing a similar standard setting. Simply remember that, since it can be activated, by default, the option to deactivate it will be:

  • Select deactivate Bixby automatically from the Home screen
  • Or, on the other hand totally turn Bixby off from the general Settings of the Samsung Note 8 and Note 9.


How to Deactivate Bixby on Note 9 and Note 8

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. On the screen, press for long on an empty space
  3. Swipe left and look out for the Bixby toggled
  4. Tap on it to deactivate the voice assistance and come back to the home screen.


You’ve just deactivated Bixby on Note 9 from the Home button, yet the feature will still be active. To turn it off for good on your Samsung Note 8 or Note 9. Simply follow this steps.


How to Deactivate Bixby Method 2

Begin all over again from the Home screen

  1. Open the notification bar with one swipe from the display top
  2. Hit the Settings symbol
  3. Navigate to all Applications
  4.    Scroll to the point that you discover the Bixby feature
  5. Tap on it to get to its settings
  6. Disable the option
  7. Tap Disable in the notice window that pop-up and let you realize that the action could inflict another application.


Now you can state that you have authoritatively disabled Bixby from Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 device. As you’ve had the opportunity to find in that notice message from the last step, this is a built-in application and turning it off can, in a few instance influence the functionality of other built-in applications.

In the event that you see that, not long after from that point onward, the Samsung Note 8 or Note 9 does not function properly, then you should consider reactivating Bixby. Just to be sure that its absence is not really disturbing everything else. Don’t be disturb on how to enable it. All you need to do is repeat the above step and utilizing the Enable button.

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