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How To Disable Autocorrect On Galaxy Note 8

Smartphones devices evolve and new phone trend appears on the market place but few things remain the same. One of them is Autocorrect feature, something that Samsung, much the same as numerous different smartphone makers, has been utilizing with its gadgets for quite a while. Along these lines, it’s implied that your new Samsung Note 8 accompanies with this feature also.

In the event that your feelings about it haven’t changed by any means, it just appears to be common that regardless, you need to dispose of the Autocorrect. That is on the grounds that the way that this option works hasn’t changed at all either. Also, there are instances when it tends to obstruct your communication as opposed to making a positive contribution to it.

Regardless of whether you need to deactivate it immediately or you did that earlier and now you don’t know how to activate it, don’t worry we have you covered.


Turning ON/OFF autocorrect:

  1. After turning on your smartphone
  2. Launch your Samsung Galaxy in-built keyboard application
  3. Access the Samsung keyboard and look on its left side, close to the space key, for the Dictation Key
  4. Simply tap on it
  5. Next, you click on the Settings gear
  6. Select Predictive Text from the Smart Typing section
  7. Tap on the Predictive Text to switch it off
  8. You can switch-off other features in there, on the off chance that you need to – search for punctuation mark, auto-capitalization and so forth
  9. You can now leave the menus and keep typing without issues.


These are similar steps for when you need to reactivate the Autocorrect or whatever else you have deactivated in the past step. It is enough to tap on the inactive options and your Samsung Note 8 will begin utilizing them all over again.


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