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How To Disable Autocorrect On Samsung Note 8

Almost every smartphone available today has auto-corrected. Even flagship phones from Samsung, including Galaxy Note 8, have this feature. It is a helpful way to improve the way, you type your messages, however, there are instances when it ruins the message you are trying to convey. Autocorrect sometimes changes certain words you’re typing, and it can totally change the meaning of your message.

All in all, autocorrect is a great feature to have on your smartphone. Just be sure to double-check the words you typed before you send or post it.

If you don’t like this auto correct, you can always disable it on your phone. Read on for instructions on how to enable and disable auto correct.


Turning ON/OFF autocorrect on Note 8:

  1. First, go to your smartphone’s keyboard screen
  2. Next, hit the “Dictation Key” button found on the left
  3. hand side of the screen
  4. After this, select the “Settings” option
  5. And then, click on “Predictive Text”. You can turn the feature off by sliding the button to the left.
  6. Auto-capitalization and punctuation marks can also be disabled on this page.


If you wish to switch the autocorrect back on, just change it back to its original setup. Go to the keyboard screen and click the dictation key again to turn on the auto correct feature. You can even download a different keyboard by going to the Google Play application.

This application has different keyboard variations that come with the various process of turning on or off the autocorrect feature of your Galaxy Note 8.


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