How To Display All Application On Home Screen For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The Android smartphone provides its users with 2 options to access the applications on their phone. Either through the app drawer or by simply placing the apps and widgets that they frequently use on their phones Home screen.

Generally, there will be 2 distinct locations where users can access their apps on the Android smartphone. This is not the case with other phone operating systems such as the iOS devices like the iPhone. In an iOS device, all applications appear in the home screen. There is also no way that the owner can customize it.

The difference between the location of the applications in an iOS gadget and an Android gadget is a little bit confusing for some users and especially the new ones who don’t have an idea on why it is necessary to have 2 separate locations.

With a Galaxy S8 or a Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone, such a problem is solved now. Samsung, via the Galaxy Labs has also put up an experimental feature on the mentioned device.

This feature will transform the Galaxy S8 look, with the Home screen and the app drawer resembling something close to an iPhone. This feature will house all the apps on the home screen while hiding the app drawer at the same time.



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