How To Display Content From Galaxy S9 On TV

You really can’t say you’re making the best of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus if you haven’t tried to display its content on a TV, can you? Chances are that you know at least a couple of persons who do it on a regular basis – come home from work, sit comfy on a sofa, and start watching videos or any other online content, accessed from their smartphones, yet displayed on their TV screens. How cool is that?

Cool enough to make you want to try it as well. Speaking of which, as you start asking around about your options, you might hear of the Samsung Smart TVs and the Miracast devices (think of the Amazon Fire TV Stick), which are great options. But before you get to more complicated things, try the Smart View option!

All you need, to make the most of the Smart View, is a functional TV connected to the same Wi-Fi as your smartphone.


Method #1 – Display content from Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus on TV with the Notification Panel

  1. You begin the process from the main panel of your Home Screen, where you will swipe down, using two fingers instead of one, from the top towards the bottom of your screen;
  2. Once the Notification Panel extends at the top of the display (which should happen almost instantly), you must access the Quick Settings Panel from there;
  3. Next, select the Smart View option;
  4. Wait for your Samsung Galaxy S9 to detect any device available for screen mirroring, from the nearby;
  5. Select the device you’re planning on using with your smartphone, in this case, your TV;
  6. Wait for the two of them to connect;
  7. Follow the prompts from the TV’s screen to allow this connection and start displaying information from your mobile on your TV.


Method #2 – Display content from Samsung Galaxy S9 on TV with the Sharing Menu

  1. Navigate on your smartphone all the way to the photo, the video, or any other content you’re planning on displaying on the TV;
  2. With that file opened, select the Share option;
  3. Next, select the Smart View option;
  4. Confirm the connection on the television, if you’re required to do so – usually only if it’s the first time you’re using the smartphone for TV streaming;
  5. Check that the file is now being displayed on the TV screen;
  6. If it’s a video you’re trying to look at, hit the Play button on the smartphone and it will start playing on the TV screen.


You have been officially introduced to the two main options you have at hand for displaying content from a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus to a TV. So, you have officially run out of excuses for not using this cool feature! If you are really dealing with some troubles in the process, or you have any other questions, feel free to message us and we’ll help!


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