How To Enable Send SOS Messages On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

One of the great features that Samsung Galaxy S8 kept from the previous models is the Send SOS Messages option. Many users are tempted to believe that it is nothing but a useless setting until they end up actually needing it. If you agree that it is always better to be safe rather than sorry, you will want to know your options on this chapter.

This service can be activated and configured in advance, so that, when the time will come, you will be able to use it very fast and without even having to think who to message and what to say.

From this article, you will learn all these details and, just as importantly, you will discover the simple command, the one key of the Samsung Galaxy S8 device that can easily trigger the SOS message in one second.

Read on and inform yourself, this device is more than just an entertainment tool and it is always recommended to know all your options.


To enable the SOS Messages on Samsung Galaxy S8…

  1. Go to the Settings menu, either from the App drawer or from the Notification shade;
  2. Navigate to the section labeled as Privacy and Emergency;
  3. Identify the Send SOS Messages option listed in there;
  4. Tap on the Send SOS Messages option to activate the feature;
  5. You will see a dedicated slider at the top right corner of the screen;
  6. Tap on that slider to turn it On and you will get an alert message asking you to create your first emergency contact;
  7. Use the Add button to create this contact;
  8. You can either select a contact from your Samsung Galaxy S8 Contacts app or manually add the name and the phone number of that emergency contact person;
  9. Use the Save button, available on the top right corner of the display, to memorize the newly added contact;
  10. Repeat these steps and add up to three other emergency contacts;
  11. Use the back arrow from the top left screen;
  12. Before you leave the menus, use the dedicated options labeled as Attach Pictures respectively Attach Audio Recordings to personalize this service even more.


Now you can relax knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has this rapid Send SOS Messages function activated, configured, and ready to use. Whenever you will need to send such an SOS message, all you will have to do is to press the Power button of the smartphone, three times in a row, with quick, short strokes!

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