How To Enjoy Flash Player On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

On Samsung phones, the adobe flash player was removed on the basis that it would ensure a more reliable and efficient way of using the web browser.

People had to go through with it, mostly because the demand for flash plugins had declined. However some users still want it, and there is a way that they can appreciate flash player on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

If by chance you are not aware, there are indeed a number of web browsing applications particularly designed for gadgets running on the Android OS, which include an inherent Galaxy S9 flash player support. Puffin, Mozilla, Dolphin and a few other known browsers out there, come with support for flash videos and SWF games.

Out of these selections, we are enthusiastic that the dolphin browser is the one you will decide to use. The flash player for the android device isn’t the only function it maintains but it also sustains a super-fast loading speed, tab bar and side bar, incognito browsing mode, the HTML5 video player and a few other features.

To get started with the browser, it is important you are equipped with the third-party APKs. In order to enable, go to the general setting and select security. On the screen that opens, look for the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.


To Carry Out Installation Of flash player On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus;

  1. Begin by downloading a browser that promotes flash – for the Dolphin browser already mentioned, it can be found Google play store or easily accessed on this link;
  2. After downloading, install the dolphin browser, then run it;
  3. Go to the browser settings;
  4. Check until you find the flash player option;
  5. Click on it and ensure it is always on;
  6. Exit the settings and go to a web page that you are sure will demand making use of the flash player;
  7. As the page ensures to make use of the flash player, it will require you to download the inclined adobe flash player APK;
  8. Since you have previously ticked the setting option ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ you will easily install the Adobe Flash Player APK;
  9. Then, the Dolphin browser will definitely play the page including all its Flash.


After all has been done, your Galaxy S9 device is now totally equipped to utilize Flash in Internet browser every now and then.

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