How To Enter Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Into Recovery Mode

Most guides and articles for Android devices, in general, and for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, in particular, will sooner or later at least mention, if not explain, the process of booting the device into Recovery Mode. This mode is a separate boot sequence where the user can access different options.

From common actions such as updating the OS, creating a backup of all the data, or performing a hard reset to more complex actions such as the TWRP or CWM recovery, you can try it all. The latter will open you the door to root access, bloatware removal, custom ROM firmware installation, unlocking the bootloader, and so on. If none of these terms mean anything to you, it’s still safe you know how to boot into Recovery Mode. You can never tell when you’ll be required to do so…


The only 4 steps to boot Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into Recovery Mode:

  1. Power off the smartphone, before anything else;
  2. Go press and hold, at the same time, the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons;
  3. Hold it tight, up until the display shows you the Android System Recovery screen;
  4. You can now release the buttons and start navigating around.


Notewithin the Recovery Mode, your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will no longer work through touch commands. To navigate from one menu to another, use the Volume Down key and to start an action use the Power key, only after you have highlighted that particular action.

With these simple steps, you’ll have your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 boot into Recovery Mode in no time. Without a doubt, it’s an extremely useful information to have at hand. Hopefully, you won’t be required to use it anytime soon.

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