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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8

For every individual lucky enough to own a smartphone, knowing how to factory reset is very important especially when you have issues with it. With Samsung Note 8, a factory reset allows your phone to start a fresh and just like hard resetting; you need to back up all your files.

Other than using external memories, storing in the clouds with Google drive is a safe option as well to factory reset; you don’t need a degree to crack the process. A few simple steps and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be as good as new. We shall vividly explain how to go about it below,


How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Hardware Keys

The following steps apply when your Samsung Note 8’s touchscreen is unresponsive and you need to factory reset with hardware keys.

  • With your phone turned off, long press the Volume Up, the home and the power button and hold all at the same time until the Android icon appears.
  • Use the volume button to scroll down and select wipe data/factory reset then press the power button.
  • Select yes-delete all user data with the power button. A reboot system now option will appear so select it and when the phone restarts, everything will be erased and you can operate your phone again without it being unresponsive.


How to Factory Reset Samsung Note 8 Method 2

  • With your Samsung Note 8, look for the notification section and choose the gear icon to open up settings.
  • On the setting page, select Backup and tap on the Factory data reset.
  • At the bottom of the screen, choose Reset device then select Delete all as the next instruction and wait.


Make sure that all the important data is safely backed up in a cloud or an external memory just in case something goes wrong.


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