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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The factory reset is, for many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users, a scary operation. That’s because it implies starting over, as if they’ve just received the smartphone from the factory. Everything that was ever stored and configured on it will be lost – there is, of course, the option to back up the data (from the Settings, Backup and Reset menu) so you can restore it later, when the reset is completed, yet, it’s still intimidating. Not to mention that, more often than not, this action is required by an annoying issue of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that can’t seem to be solved in any other way.

If you want to be sure that you’re not leaving anything behind, you can always use, aside from the built-in Backup & Reset option, any other third-party backup app or service. Plus, you have those 16GB of free cloud space provided by Google Drive. You have plenty of options and, while you decide on what to use, let us show you two different methods of how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


Galaxy Note 8 factory reset from the hardware keys

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Press and hold at the same time the following three buttons: Volume Up, Home, Power;
  3. When the Android icon shows on the screen, you can let go of all the buttons;
  4. Select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset entry with the Volume Down button;
  5. Start it with the Power button;
  6. Select the “Yes – delete all user data” option when prompted;
  7. Start the reset with a final tap on the Power button;
  8. The phone will reset and you can use the Reboot System Now to leave the Recovery Mode.


Use this method whenever the smartphone is unresponsive or you cannot seem to access its display or its menus.


Galaxy Note 8 factory reset from the phone’s menu

  1. Start from the main screen;
  2. Access the Notification Panel;
  3. Tap the gear icon;
  4. When the Settings menu expands, select the Backup and Reset option;
  5. Go to User and Backup;
  6. Tap on Factory data reset;
  7. Select the Reset Device option from the bottom of the screen;
  8. Select Delete All when prompted;
  9. Wait for the process to finish and the device to reboot.


Let us know if you have any other questions on how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

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