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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

A factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus device is no different than any other factory reset on any other smartphone. The process implies erasing all the data from the phone, logging out from any account, losing any particular configuration. By the end of it, the phone will look brand new, at least on the inside. It will be as if you’ve just taken it out of the box.


This factory reset can be useful in different circumstances:

  1. You just want a fresh start on the smartphone you’ve been using for quite some time;
  2. The smartphone you’ve been using is no longer working properly, and you’re thinking that a reset like that might resolve some of the problems;
  3. Your smartphone has been used by someone else before and it came with some data that are useless to you etc.


Your reasons don’t really matter because the options are relatively the same. In this article, we’re going to show you how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S8 depending on its state: if it’s fully functional and working smoothly, or if it’s damaged and the touchscreen has become unresponsive.


Method #1 How to factory reset Galaxy S8 when the device is working properly

If the smartphone is fully functional, you can simply use the display to reach the factory reset menu and initiate the procedure in no time:

  1. Access the notification section;
  2. Tap on the Settings icon;
  3. Go to User and Backup;
  4. Select Backup and reset;
  5. Tap on Factory data reset;
  6. Select Reset device;
  7. Tap on Delete all;
  8. When the process completes, the device will reboot.


Needless to insist, this is the final step of the reset. Before you get there, you should already have a backup of your most important data in place.


Method #2 – How to factory reset Galaxy S8 when the devices display is unresponsive

If the display – or better said, the touchscreen – of your Galaxy S8 has become unresponsive, you won’t be able to follow the above steps. But there is still a way to get what you want, by using the hardware keys alone:

  1. Turn off the device;
  2. Simultaneously press and hold 3 buttons – Volume up, Home and Power buttons – until the Android icon shows up on the screen;
  3. Use the Volume down button to head to the option that says Wipe data/factory reset;
  4. Use the Power button to select that option;
  5. Use the Volume down button again to confirm by selecting the option “Yes – delete all user data;
  6. Wait for the device to reboot;
  7. Use the Power button again to select it;
  8. Wait for the device to restart.


And that was it, the device should take you to that menu where everything is wiped and you need to set up the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.

The same steps apply for when the display is working but you simply cannot access the menu – there’s a different kind of malfunctioning with your device, you’ve forgotten the pattern lock or whatever.


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