How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

There’s no feeling in this world that would compare to what you feel when your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 is lost. Upset is an easy word, we probably talk about a mingle of resentment and indignation, which can only worsen in case that the device was actually stolen, not just lost. But through it all, it’s the concern that bugs you the most – the concern that you might lose important data currently stored on it or the just as legitimate concern that someone with reprobate intentions might get his hands on it.

The only thing that might bring you some comfort is the news that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 doesn’t have to be lost without any chance of ever finding it back. Google has a service in place, one that mirrors Apple’s Find My iPhone. You could use it and it might prove helpful than you’d think, with one mention – the official stand of Google, on this topic, is that it is always best to leave the issue of stolen devices in the hands of the authorities instead of trying to retrieve it on your own.

All these being said, if you’ve lost your Note 9 or Note 8 and you want to get it back fast, let’s just hope it hasn’t actually been stolen or already ended up in the wrong hands. Because if it did, the instructions from below will rather serve you to wipe all of its content remotely than to locate it on the map. Until then, however, let’s take a closer look at your main options.


First, a word of advice on how to find a lost Note 9 or Note 8

  1. While you have some ropes at hand, you are required to do some things in advance to be able to use them at the right time – have you installed the necessary tools for locating and securing a device, like the Android Device Manager or Lookout? These are important, install them at least after you find it!
  2. If you can rely at least on the Android Device Manager, accessing its official page to track your Samsung Note 9 or Note 8 shouldn’t be difficult. It will all come down to tapping a GPS locate button and waiting for the app to track the device for you. Bear in mind that the smartphone can’t be found this way unless it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network – after all, you’re trying to use a GPS location service!
  3. Have you considered an app specialized in remote data access? AirDroid and others like it will give you access to advanced controls such as the remote access of all your SMS data or the remote access to the Camera app.


The most accessible identification method

It’s a good, old fashioned advice that doesn’t show its value until you actually benefit from it – never let your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 set on anything but the Loud Ring Mode. If you can’t find it but you’re lucky enough to have it in the nearby, suffices to make it ring and get to it. This option will also give you remote access to data wiping and device locking, which is very useful when you’ve lost sensitive files and documents!


The Lookout’s contribution to a lost Note 9 and Note 8

The Lookout service is the next best thing to using the Android Device Manager. It is very similar to it, from how it looks and what offers it gives you, to the working principles. The difference you’ll notice is that it comes with more general security components. Of course, to make this comparison, you’d have to know how the other one works.


How to find a Note 9 or Note 8 with Android Device Manager

This software has been accessible to the Android users since 2013, when it was officially released. And from that date, almost every single Android device came with this feature enabled, out of the box. Of course, you should check that your option wasn’t disabled by mistake, so, making a double check will prove handy during a real crisis.


Now, to use this manager, you must first register your device with it. Then, you have to verify its activation, as suggested above. Try going to Settings and access the Device Administrators section from under the Security and Screen Lock. From phone to phone, the options listed within the Device Administrators might vary a little bit. But you shouldn’t have a hard time in finding the option labeled as Android Device Manager. Make sure its box is checked and you’ll be able to find a lost or stolen Galaxy Note 8 with the Android Device Manager from Google.

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