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How To Fix Bluetooth Connection Between Galaxy S8 And Vehicle

For those who happen to be owning the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, you might experience problems when connection your Galaxy S8 to vehicle via Bluetooth. Some of the users have claimed of this problem and therefore we are going to explain how you can fix such a problem. A Bluetooth connection failing to work on Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very common frustrating problem you may encounter on your smartphone. Painful though is the fact that Samsung Company is yet to publish a hardware, software or bug report.

The lack of published solutions to this problem leaves us with a lot of uncertainties in how to fix Bluetooth connection issues between Galaxy S8 and car. Nevertheless, we have recommended some cool ways of getting around the connection problems between your Galaxy S8 and car.

To begin with, try clearing the phone’s cache using this clear the cache guide. Without cache, temporary storage of files would not be possible. This storage of files temporarily facilitates the switching between apps efficiently. It is common to encounter Bluetooth connection problems especially if you are trying to connect your Tesla car to your Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Read below for the solutions to the Bluetooth connection issues between automobile and Galaxy S8 smartphone.


Fix Bluetooth connection problems between Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth and Vehicle:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S8 smartphone
  2. From the home screen, select the app icon
  3. Select Settings icon
  4. Browse through for Application Manager
  5. Swipe either to the left or right in order to display all opens.
  6. Select on the Bluetooth app
  7. Choose to forcefully stop it.
  8. Clear the apps cache
  9. Clear the phone’s Bluetooth data
  10. Click on Ok
  11. Finalize by restarting your Galaxy S8 smartphone


More on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth connection problems with Automobile.

Put your Galaxy S8 into recovery mode and then wipe cache partition. After wiping cache partition, test to see if the problem is fixed by connecting the Samsung Galaxy S8 to any Bluetooth device that is in range. The instructions above should help you solve Bluetooth problems between your Galaxy S8 and car.


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