How To Fix Bluetooth Connection Between Galaxy S9 And Car

Connecting the Galaxy S9 with car via Bluetooth can be problematic to the new owners of the device. This is a problem that has been raised severally and we will explain the solution through this guide. The issue of Bluetooth connection failing to work on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus can get very frustrating and it is common issue. Unfortunately, Samsung is yet to publish software, hardware or a bug report on this problem.

There are lots of uncertainties on how this issue can be fixed since there is no published solution so far that focuses on solving device and car Bluetooth connection issue. However, despite the challenge, we have worked out on some of the cool ways you can apply to solve this issue.

First and foremost, you can try this clear cache guide. With cache cleared, there is no temporal files storage. Temporal storage of files makes it possible to switch between applications efficiently. Bluetooth connection problems are common when trying to connect Tesla car to Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus device. Here are some of the possible solutions to this problem.


How To Solve Bluetooth Connection Issue Between Car And Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9 Plus

  1. Switch on the Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. Select the app icon from your phones home screen
  3. Tap on settings icon
  4. Search the application manager
  5. To display all the opens swipe to the left or right
  6. Tap on the Bluetooth app
  7. Select forcefully stop option
  8. Clear the applications cache
  9. Ensure you have cleared Bluetooth data
  10. Tap OK
  11. Restart the Galaxy S9 smartphone to finalize the process


Additional Solutions for Fixing Samsung Galaxy S9 and Car Bluetooth Connection

Switch your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus to Recovery Mode and then Wipe Cache Partition. Test to see if the issue is resolved after wiping the cache partition. This is by connecting the phone to any other Bluetooth device within the range. This guide is good enough to help you solve the Bluetooth problems between the Galaxy S9 Plus and car.


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