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How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

You can use Bluetooth to transfer data wirelessly to separate devices like your headphone, media player, speaker, car, or your phone.

The Bluetooth feature is fantastic when you can actually use it. However, if you have use Bluetooth quite frequently, you know that Bluetooth doesn’t work and it can get very frustrated. Take a look at the very common problems that occur when you try to pair you device with other devices and the possible solutions you can take to fix it.

Bluetooth profiles come with your devices. A dialect is like a way to connect devices using a certain common language for the Bluetooth. You are able to connect pairs of devices if they are similar language profiles and they can pair up.

But if there are problems with pairing due to error from the user, you can use certain steps in order to connect your device to one another.


Solutions to pairing problems that you are having:

  1. Make sure you turn Bluetooth on. At the top of the screen, you should notice that there is a little symbol for Bluetooth. If it is not there, you can enable it by navigating to the settings.
  2. Figure out what process you can use to pair your device. Pairing your device can change as it goes on. You can also pair your device using other ways such as just touching your device. You can also just touch a button to the speaker to pair your device.


You can look at the guide for your device to learn how you can pair your device. You can find a guide by looking it up online.


Turn discoverable mode on

The perk of using Bluetooth on your car with your phone is a great and allows you to do a lot of things such as texting, navigation, and hands-free calling. You must navigate to the settings for your phone and then click on the Bluetooth and this makes it so you car can see it. You can then unclick the car’s system buttons so that they can start to find your device. You might need to confirm a numeric code or put the code in the phone once the car has found the device. Your device will then be connected to your phone. Your Bluetooth for your car or phone is only able to be visible for a couple of minutes. So, this means that if you take your tie, you will need to start the whole process over again.


The devices you are trying to pair must be close to each other

There could be a chance that someone else is trying to pair their device to another device and they are not close to each other at all. This probably will not work as it is best to try to connect to a device with a distance of no more than 5 feet.


Turn your devices off and then on

You can fix your problem with a simple soft reset. You can do this by putting your phone into airplane mode and then taking out.


Interference occurs with Power down

You may have had the instance that your Bluetooth speaker is not being connected to yours but instead to your friend’s device. This could be because there is an issue with the connection and the older devices are much more simpler. It usually tries to connect to the most recent thing that it was paired with. You must first turn the device off if the device was already paired to something else using the Bluetooth.


Charge up both devices you’re trying to pair

If the battery on your device is running low, your device may have a smart power management option that turns the Bluetooth off. Make sure both of the devices that you are trying to connect to each other have enough battery.


Reset your phones Bluetooth discovery page and connect to it again

You can always try to start all over again if you cannot get data to your device. To remove the device on iOS settings, you can click on the name and then click “Forget this Device”. You can click on the device’s name and then hit “Unpair” for Android settings. You can then go back to Step 1 once you have removed the device.


Move yourself from your Wi-Fi router

Something that could cause some problems is that it could be your Wi-Fi router. Powell said that, “Wi-Fi has been designed to cope with this, but it might not be a good idea to have your devices directly on top of the router”.


Devices that you want to pair should be compatible with one another

If it is speaker, keyboard, headset, camera or another thing, there is are specific devices that your device can connect to. You can check the manual for your device if you are not completely sure which devices are compatible.


Downloading a driver

There could be a problem with your driver, the problem could be because your PC is having issues getting paired. You can easily learn how to do this by looking online and typing the name of your device and also include the word “driver”


Updating the firmware of the hardware. It is has been said that a couple of audio systems that are automotive have not been able to pair with devices since the Bluetooth drivers are not compatible to the Bluetooth 4.0 system. You can check with your manufacturer to see what the latest firmware for the hardware that you have is.



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