How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Despite being the flagship Samsung phone of current time, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus has some flaws and issues with them. And, another of them is the Bluetooth pairing problems on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. We all know that Bluetooth is really amazing – but let’s focus on solving the problem here, as what you need to do in order to get rid of Bluetooth pairing issues.

When the Bluetooth pairing on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus problem arises, keep in mind if it is the first time the device is used for pairing. There could be a common Bluetooth profile mismatch between the devices. Bluetooth profile is the common language by which the devices connect with each other and transfer data. When the Bluetooth profiles don’t match, it is certain that you cannot connect these two particular devices by Bluetooth.


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Now, if both the devices paired in the past and suddenly facing problem with connectivity, it is certain that it’s a user error. And, to solve that out, we will be discussing 12 troubleshooting methods!

So, read this guide thoroughly, and then you will know how to fix the Bluetooth pairing error on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.


Step 1 – recheck the Bluetooth status

Check the Bluetooth status again to make sure that you have turned it on. Sometimes Bluetooth gets turned off accidentally, so make sure it is not the case.


Step 2 – Check the User Guide for the process

There is always a chance that you are using the wrong pairing process. Maybe there is an alternative method where you not just connect them by a simple touch but you would need to type a code on your smartphone to connect. And, obviously you won’t know these things at first, but you can check on the user guide to know about everything and how to connect two devices by Bluetooth.


Step 3 – Enable Discoverable Mode

In most of the time when connecting a device or anything to Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, Discoverable Mode needs to be enabled. If this mode is disabled, then no other device can find the Galaxy S9 and therefore cannot connect with it.

Once the discoverable mode is enabled, the Galaxy S9 device is detected by other devices and then the devices could be paired with numeric code. Always remember, this mode will disable itself within minutes, so you need to act fast.


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Step 4 – Check the distance between devices

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity tool, and it is obvious that if the space difference between the devices large, than they can’t detect each other in their range and therefore cannot pair. It is best to keep the devices within five feet of each other, or less.


Step 5 – Restart Both Devices

This is a really simple but effective trick in any of the cases. If the devices are unable to detect or pair with each other, turn off each device normally, and then turn them back on. Another alternative is to enable and disable Airplane mode.


Step 6 – Try to remove any interferes

When pairing two devices together, another third device or Bluetooth speaker can add a good amount of interference and this may result in pairing error. So, when you are pairing you Galaxy S9 with another phone or speaker or device, remove any other Bluetooth devices out of range so that they cannot create any kind of problem in the pairing.


Step 7 – Keep the battery level on check

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a smart power management system – and sometimes it can be a catalyst in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth pairing problem. In case of low battery, go ahead and charge any or both of the devices and then try again.


Step 8 – Delete the device and reestablish the connection

When the Galaxy S9 is able to detect the device you are willing to connect but for reasons unknown cannot establish a connection, remove the info and the data and then start pairing again.

Just select the device’s name and click Unpair button. Then, follow back from the first step of the troubleshooter and then follow the steps.


Step 9 – Turn off Wi-Fi

It is a proven fact that Wi-Fi can truly interfere with Bluetooth, and also prevents Bluetooth from functioning properly. So, it is a great idea to move out of Wi-Fi range or turn of Wi-Fi in each of the devices.


Step 10- – Check the Phone Profile

It is certain that some devices can’t really connect with some other devices even when they have Bluetooth. You will need to go through the user manual to know details about the compatibility preferences.


Step 11- Check the device drivers

If you are trying to pair your Galaxy S9 with a computer, the problem might actually be there. Make sure that all the drivers are present and are working properly otherwise the devices will not pair.


Step 12 – Perform a hardware firmware update

If anything above on the list doesn’t solve the problem, this is the last step. You can install a firmware update to get rid of the issues regarding Bluetooth pairing on Galaxy S9 and it could really solve the problem. Make sure you took a good look at the manufacturer’s guidance for each device and find out how to properly install and set up a firmware update.


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