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How To Fix Call Volume Problem On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Some users of the Galaxy S8 have reported of a problem with the volume when they call. Others complained of a really weak volume making a call. This problem will normally disturb a conversation during a call and this reportedly made the users uncomfortable.

Other users found that the problem was as a result of the phone microphone that scrambled their voice during a call. Others could not hear their callers clearly as the phone speaker was defective.

We are going to suggest a few methods of overcoming this particular problem, one of them being using a Bluetooth headset. This is especially important as it allows you to know if the problem you are facing is hardware related. If the Bluetooth headset does give an OK volume during the call, then you might be dealing with a hardware issue.

The other trick you could try is turning ON your speaker volume when making a call. Press on the speaker icon on the lower left of your phone screen to increase the volume.

Other than the options mentioned above, you could also attempt some other options to fix your issue. Make sure that there is nothing covering your phone microphone or speaker. Check out for objects such as debris or dust.

To have the right volume during a call, ensure both the phone microphone and speakers are clean. If not, try cleaning them with compressed air or a soft brush and check whether this solves your problem.

The next thing is trying to set the volume accordingly. You can do this by pressing on the Volume Up button to set the volume levels. Ensure that there is a volume bar on your screen when adjusting. The final option is touching on the Extra Volume option when making a call. Browse for the dialer icon. Extra Volume is just underneath it so you only need to press on it.


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